Indigenous Australians have shaped and formed the landscape of Australia and its contemporary society. Their contribution is something that will always play a part in the way in which Australia forms its national identity. The steady changes to the international and domestic labour markets have placed a higher demand on the services of the Australian people with an increase in the demand in both primary and professional industries. The reality is that through this shift in market demand that many Indigenous people have been excluded from the rewards of such progress. At Krisgate we are not satisfied that this is the way it should stay.

In the interest of increasing the role and participation of Indigenous Australian’s in having a greater and more prominent role in the labour market, Krisgate has launch the First 100 initiative. We aim to have placed 100 Indigenous Australian’s into roles by the end of 2017, and we are calling upon both Indigenous Australians and organisations who are interested in partnering with us to make this a reality.

Krisgate boasts a team of trained Indigenous employment specialists who have had great success in the past with launching Indigenous based employment initiatives, and have the conviction to make a real change in the lives of Indigenous Australians as well as the employment market at large.




Indigenous tribes and cultures have formed part of the Australian landscape for time immemorial. As a sign of respect and in the interest of indigenous inclusion within the workforce the People First initiative was launched by Krisgate to provide specialist guidance in this regard.


Having already been involved in several successful indigenous inclusion initiatives, our staff are expertly trained as specialist Indigenous engagement representatives, who are confident in their ability to find the right fit for indigenous candidates and organisations looking to employ indigenous candidates.

Working alongside communities, businesses and individuals we are striving towards business excellence and market leading inclusion practices. If you are interested in working with Krisgate as a part of this initiative please contact us here.

What We Do   

We provide assistance in regards to a variety of diversity inclusion services which include:

• RAP creation and implementation; • IES creation and implementation; • Candidate sourcing; • Creation of diversity inclusion policies and procedures; • Expert consulting on the retention of indigenous candidates; • Strategy generation for the support and inclusion of indigenous candidates.

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