Legislative compliance is an ongoing requirement for all Australian’s nationwide. Businesses are subject to greater scrutiny around day to day operations, and this maze of requirements are often difficult for many businesses to navigate.

Krisgate offers legal expertise and trained guidance, with trained and qualified legal staff, who have practiced within the legal profession to assist you with any requirements that may arise.

We offer a variety of services which include:

  • Local Council/Government applications and appeals;
  • Contract creation and review;
  • Generalist/Specialist legal advice.


Policies and procedures are often essential in being able to communicate a greater vision and direction to staff, however are often very difficult to get right.

Krisgate hosts expert policy and procedure writers, who have had extensive experience across a variety of industries, including government, private and not for profit. Let us help you to create documents which capture the true essence of your vision for your organisation. We offer a variety of documents such as:

  • Codes of Conduct;
  • Constitutions;
  • Frameworks;
  • Guidelines;
  • Policies;
  • Procedures;
  • A variety of other documents tailored to the needs of your business.


Policy/Procedure Review and Guidance

Krisgate offers a comprehensive review of all existing policies and procedures within your organisations and tests them against several thresholds;

  • Readability:The reality of policies and procedures is that their effectiveness is largely dependent upon the ability of their readers to be able to interpret and follow their direction. We believe in a plain english approach to the writing of relevant regulatory documents, and are able to confidently prescribe the requirements of the business, in a way that is easily accessible, without sacrificing their accountability.
  • Cohesion: Policies and procedures are most effective when they mirror the intentions of the organisation, and are created in a way in which the staff who are governed by them understand and appreciate their value. Krisgate offers an opportunity to gauge interest and use in regards to policies and practices in an effort to ensure that they operate at an optimal level of use. This data can further be used to guide future policy review and updating, as it provides a view from the staff who utilise policies on a daily basis.
  • Effective implementation: Policies are effective when they are utilised on a regular basis and there is a complete understanding of their requirements, with little confusion by stakeholders. We are able to provide clarity in regards to the requirements of respective policies and procedures, whether they are legislative in nature or otherwise, and draft original documents which serve to explain these documents in a way that is user friendly and accessible.

Once this analysis has been completed our expert consultants are able to provide advice as to potential alternatives which may include policy rewording, rewriting or the creation of brand new policies which best reflect the intentions of your organisation.


Krisgate further offers the 1-2 hour session on “Policy and Procedure: Demystifying Legislative Requirements “, which is tailored to the needs of individual businesses and covers a variety of matters including:

  • The role of legislation;
  • The role of policies and procedures;
  • What makes an effective policy;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • The benefit of ongoing review


“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.”



We provide assistance in the writing of contract and tender submission with government and non-government organisations.

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Legal Advice

Our expert consultants are trained legal professionals, with a history of legislative interpretation and can assist your business.

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Corporate Governance

With a history in maintaining corporate governance and procedures, out experts are trained to assist your organisation in operating as a responsible corporate citizen.

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Template contracts and documents

We provide a suite of documents to suit your business needs, ranging from contracts, policies and procedures.

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Policy development and maintenance

We can review your existing policies to gauge their effectiveness, or write original documents tailored to your business’s needs.

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Research and market analysis

We gather information from a number of professional sources and other related materials to provide clients with an informed viewpoint to further their interests.

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Inbound/Outbound lead generation

We provide information and open potential markets to clients, by generating lists and researching relevant parties.

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List generation

We provide comprehensive business information to further our client’s interests.

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Creation of marketing materials

Our consultants provide comprehensive and creative outlets for companies to advertise their goods/services.

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Strategic parterships

We analyse market conditions and environments to ensure that businesses are correctly partnered to achieve their respective goals.

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Template documents

This can include marketing plans, forecast analysis and risk assurance planning as well as direct marketing material.

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We provide a platform and presence in the e-commerce domain to further client interests.

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Consolidated financial advice

Financial advice would include risk assessment, understanding tax information and understanding financial goals and their adjustments to tax.

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Ensuring information is kept organised and understood for future projects.

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Investment capacity

Advice on how profitability goals in the long terms are better understood with resources and timing.

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Revenue/Cashflow analysis

We would review all information and make a critical assessment regarding future projects and plans.

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Template documents

Krisgate can provide templates regarding invoicing, business plan layout and future budgeting and forecasts.

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Repurposing information, assets and liabilities in a manner which produces a more effective and efficient workforce and outlay use of established assets.

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Organisational design

We provide effective business structure and framework, as well as policies and guidelines to ensure effective implementation.

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Strategic analysis

By providing critical information gathering, we design plans and strategies to provide a competitive advantage whilst ensuring solvency.

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Long term business planning

At Krisgate we implement systems, provide frameworks and establish contacts to ensure future projects have increased success due to early fundamental intervention.

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Survival strategies

Krisgate can provide you with a fundamental and rigid plan to ensure feasibility and have strict guideline to ensure company solvency.

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New market generation

We can provide you with the environment and appropriate conditions that will reduce obstacles to entering into new markets whilst accounting for future predictable risk.

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Template documents

Providing you with invoicing, business plans, associated policies and other industry specific documents.

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Independent investigations into any required field, whether it be financial audits, grievance investigation

Our team of experts are able to provide independent assistance in regards to investigations, and provide advice on mitigating negative outcomes for any parties involved.

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Risk analysis and matrix creation

Risk analysis and matrix creation: We perform analysis and perform audits of variety of factors and seek to lower any potential risk factors which your business may be exposed to.

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Trend analysis and forecasting

Trend analysis and forecasting: Our analysts perform forecasts based on historical data as well as market trends to enable your business to better guide your future direction and efforts.

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Employment relations/Industrial action management

Our expert consultants provide holistic advice on a variety of employment relations matters which range from termination, to unfair dismissal or enterprise agreement negotiation.

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End to end recruitment

Krisgate offers holistic recruitment services for business, assisting in the finding of staff, screening, hiring and on the job assistance to businesses.

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HR grievance investigation

We perform investigations into a variety of matters which include termination, bullying/harassment, anti-discrimination, and provide expert independent advice in regards to the way in which investigations are conducted, and outcomes are generated.

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Learning and development

We provide advice and guidance on matters in relation to training and development, and design strategies and programs to make them more effective within organisations.

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Liaising with unions

We have a team of trained professionals who have had extensive experience liaising with a variety of unions across multiple sectors and can confidently provide you with guidance in achieving a mutually agreeable outcome.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI) creation and review

We can assist with the creation of accurate KPI’s and review existing indicators to ensure that staff actions are being directed in the closest possible way to the needs of your business.

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Performance management

We can assist in the creation of materials to assist staff in improving, as well as provide holistic advice on managing the process.

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Position description creation and review

Our expert consultants are able to review and create position descriptions, and analyse the state of current position descriptions to ensure that the gap between expected and actual performance is maintained and the right people are brought into the organisation.

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Database Creation

We can assist in the creation of a variety of databases to measure KPI’s as well as keep track of staff hiring. We further provide specialist database creation that is accessible and effective.

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.