Krisgate was formed with the intention of assisting individuals in growing, creating and maintaining their businesses. We work alongside primarily small and medium enterprises to provide the guidance, expertise and assistance that we have developed over careers focused on business growth and development.


Krisgate was founded by the two current managing partners, Kristian Korsos and Simon Gatt, whose profiles you can view on our website. Both come from a career of establishing business, strategic guidance and change, and have worked across the Government, Private and Not for Profit sectors, providing a perspective that has been shaped by years of overcoming challenges. Having both operated their own successful organisations, they felt that it was time to assist others to do the very same.

What We Do   


We offer a variety of professional services which are tailored to the needs of individual businesses which we work alongside, to consultatively drive and direct positive changes within organisations.
Operating primarily in the western suburbs, our vested interest is in the growth of the communities around us. We view businesses as the lifeblood of these communities and are looking forward to working alongside a variety of organisations to ensure their continued success.

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Kristian is a seasoned and versatile professional having worked across a variety of industries, including Public, private and not for profit sectors. He has been called upon by various organisations to assist in their strategic direction, long term sustainability and future planning, all of which he has demonstrated his proven success. Working with organisations such as the NSW Business Chamber and Westpac he has been relied upon to provide structure and form, and has inspired many organisations towards greater success. He has now formed Krisgate alongside his colleague, Mr Simon Gatt to provide the same high level of support and guidance which has led to him being highly sought after by organisations at large.



Indigenous tribes and cultures have formed part of the Australian landscape for time immemorial. As a sign of respect and in the interest of indigenous inclusion within the workforce the People First initiative was launched by Krisgate to provide specialist guidance in this regard.


Having already been involved in several successful indigenous inclusion initiatives, our staff are expertly trained as specialist Indigenous engagement representatives, who are confident in their ability to find the right fit for indigenous candidates and organisations looking to employ indigenous candidates.

Working alongside communities, businesses and individuals we are striving towards business excellence and market leading inclusion practices. If you are interested in working with Krisgate as a part of this initiative please contact us here.

What We Do   

We provide assistance in regards to a variety of diversity inclusion services which include:

• RAP creation and implementation;
• IES creation and implementation;
• Candidate sourcing;
• Creation of diversity inclusion policies and procedures;
• Expert consulting on the retention of indigenous candidates;
• Strategy generation for the support and inclusion of indigenous candidates.

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Steve Jobs


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